Three Years of Blessings

Saturday, August 1, I begin my fourth year as your rector. The last three years have been full of blessings. The new sign, the clearing of the vines on the bank and the planting of new grass have made St. Matthias’ a much more visible and inviting church. You who worship here – long-time members and regular attendees as well – bring a thirst for God’s love and grace in your lives. We continue to baptize and confirm new folk. All of these things are blessing indeed.
There are more blessings to come, many of which will require a recommitment to our love of St. Matthias’. Some of those vines have begun to creep back onto the bank; the chapel needs some serious attention; programs for youth are lacking.
Pray for those blessings to become real and vibrant and one more recognition that God is at work in this place.

2 responses to “Three Years of Blessings”

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  2. David Sailer says:

    HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS!!! Delighted to see this posting. The Vestry List seems to have some “Missing Persons”. I have loads of pics that are more current. Keep up the good work! dws+

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