St. Matthias Website is having a new make-over

The website is undergoing a complete make-over.  I am honoured to be chosen to do the Update and Make-Over for St. Matthias Episcopal Church.


Three Years of Blessings

Saturday, August 1, I begin my fourth year as your rector. The last three years have been full of blessings. The new sign, the clearing of the vines on the bank and the planting

All You Need Is Love

Though it may seem a bit banal, really, all you need is love. God is love and from that love comes grace and mercy and justice. In this most rancorous of polical primaries, the

And now, 2018

After a warm and meaningful Christmas Eve service, St. Matthias has quietly moved into 2018. My New Year’s Resolution as your rector is to be more visible in the diocese and the