How to Update our website concert info

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Website maintenance: > Log In > (log in using my first and last name) > church > Website – admin >(log in using backside login info) > Dashboard > Updates > (install updates until there are no more) > Pages > All Pages >

To Update our website concert page with info about a new or upcoming concert, open a couple of tabs:

1. Tab 1: Open the info Page for the new or upcoming Concert: Open Pages > “Concert Info – (name of whatever is the upcoming concert)”> edit
If the Page doesn’t exist, create it (see below)

Make sure you are in the Pages tab labeled “Text”
Select and Copy the first line of the New Concert

2. Tab 2: Open Pages>Concerts>edit

Make sure you are in the Pages tab labeled “Text”
Then under “Directions and Map” (the first line)
Make a note of that next line (Let’s call it “Old Header”). You’ll be searching for it again below.

change the “Old Header” there (in “Header 1″ font) to whatever the next concert is. To do this, Select and Paste the New Concert info over the Old Concert Info

Keep the next line. That’s a gallery of St. Matthias pictures. That line (to keep) is:
[huge_it_slider id=”13”]

Scroll down until you see that “Old Header” again. Stop.

3. Change browser tabs. Go to browser tab with the “New Concert” info, from step 1 above.

Oh dang. This next part needs tweaking, or the format will be off.

Select everything. Copy. This means everything from (and including) the “Header” down to (and including) the church phone number, “828/252-0643.”


4. Skip back to the browser tab for “Concerts” from step 2 above.

Select everything from (and including) that “Old Header” down to (and including) the church phone number, “828/252-0643.”
Paste (this will replace that old stuff with the new stuff
Preview Changes. If all is well, then:

5. Open a browser tab with the church website. Go to Concerts page. Refresh the page and see if the new info is showing correctly.

6. If the Page doesn’t exist, create it (see below)

First Create Pictures for the Page (see below). Then create the Page (immediately below):

Go to Pages>All Pages
Edit or Add New Page

Add New Page with title:
Concert Info – (insert name of concert thing)
Concert Info – Pyramid Brass Quintet

Put special concert info into this new page. See example below, called “CHAMBER MUSIC ORCHESTRA”
Also make sure the pictures are correct. See “Create Pictures,” below.
Click “Update” or “Publish” (blue button on right)



[huge_it_slider id=”15″]

On Sunday, November 4 at 3 pm there will be a chamber music orchestra at St. Matthias Episcopal Church. The concert will include works by WA Mozart for chamber orchestra: The Serenade “Eine Kleine Nacht Musik” and the Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola. Chris Stevens (violin) and Brenda Phetteplace (viola) will be the soloists. The 17-member orchestra will be led by Stephen Klein.
Saint Matthias Episcopal Church, 1 Dundee St., Asheville, NC 28801
Free will offering for the restoration of the church & for the ensemble.
More information

Create Pictures for the Page
“Create Pictures,”

At the bottom of the menu along the left side of the screen is Huge-IT Slider. Open Huge-IT Slider > Sliders > Add new Slider
Edit the “My New Slider” name to become your new concert name, eg “Pyramid Brass Quintet”
Click “Add Image Slide”
Pick your images and add them (may have to download from the group’s website or Pixabay to your computer first). You can select a whole bunch of them and add them all at one time.
Save (red button)
Scroll down to get the number in the shortcode. It will look something like:
[huge_it_slider id=”15″]
(In that case the number is 15)
Copy (or memorize) that number and put it in the shortcode at the top of the Concert info page (you’ll need to either open that page or switch to that browser tab)
Now you may close the browser tab called “Sliders…”